Looking for local, fresh, organic produce? You found us!

We're a brother-sister team working with our family to grow mouthwatering produce for the Ardmore & Sulphur / Davis communities.  

The farm is located just outside the little town of Dougherty, Oklahoma. 


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We have 5 active pickup sites - 3 in Ardmore, 1 in Sulphur, and 1 in Davis. You can also chose to have your veggies delivered to your home or office.

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"Aubrey & Alan have established a world class farm. I’ve said many times it’s the best kept secret around. But on a serious note they grow the highest quality organically grown vegetables around. We enjoy trying new vegetables that we would have never purchased from the local grocery."


"BetterTogether Farm hands down has the best produce I’ve ever eaten, ever and I mean ever! 
They truly care about every little plant they grow. I don’t know how they do it. It’s family-owned, family-grown, and family-loved. You can taste it. Consistently fresh, consistently clean, consistently good. If the world had more food like BTF, I feel quite sure that we’d all be happier and healthier!"

Our customers are such a core part of BetterTogether that we've dedicated an entire page for them to share their thoughts and feedback about the farm.

Put the "Better" in BetterTogether

Do you want to know how your food is grown? Do you what know who grows your food? Do you want to know how real food tastes? Is the food you're eating making you healthier or sicker? Does the food you eat restore the environment or destroy it?


If you spark to any of these questions, then you have found your people.😃

When you choose to buy produce from BetterTogether, you'll get to know exactly how your food is grown. We have no secrets. You'll get to know the faces behind your food (yes, we're real people who sweat a.l.o.t😛). You will experience the extraordinary flavors, textures, and aromas of real food. You'll be eating nutritient rich food that will make you healthier and happier. And you'll support a method of growing food that restores the planet.  

You in? Let's go!  

BetterTogether on Social Media

You can follow our journey and get to know us better on our social media😊

Mom is our social media gal, so if there's something in particular you'd like to see on the farm, give her at shoutout on Instagram or Facebook @bettertogetherfarm

I sing the goodness of the Lord,
That filled the earth with food...

- Isaac Watts