It Really Is BetterTogether

When I set out to include a few testimonials on our new website, I had no idea what kind of response we would get. I sent a text asking our customers to share a short review if they were interested. So many of our friends replied, that I decided to create an entire page just to let them share their thoughts with you. 

The collection of words below are a powerful reminder that it really is BetterTogether. We are the farmers, but a farm is really about community and family. Each one of these customers have become our family as we’ve been able to share with them the work of our hands and the fruit of the ground. 

You all are a gift from God and a crucial part of BetterTogether. Thanks so much for your love and support! ❤️


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"Aubrey & Alan have established a world class farm. I’ve said many times it’s the best kept secret around. But on a serious note they grow the highest quality organically grown vegetables around. We enjoy trying new vegetables that we would have never purchased from the local grocery."


-Blake Hollingsworth


"The produce grown from BetterTogether Farm is second to none. The quality of their fresh veggies is evident in the taste—there’s really nothing better."


-Adisha Chapman


"In our present environment of GMOs, heavily sprayed and processed foods, it is a joy to find the beautiful organically grown vegetables from BetterTogether Farm. There is a lovely variety, not only beautiful to look at, but which tastes like food is supposed to taste! Everything so fresh and nutritious, as well as beautiful flowers available to purchase. And the Hakurei Turnips are to die for! We are so fortunate to have Farmer Aubrey and Farmer Alan growing this fantastic food for us, with the support of their wonderful family! I hate it when the growing season ends!"


-Joyce Burton


"BetterTogether Farm is amazing. Their produce is fresh, the highest quality, and a great selection. Sign up is easy, convenient and user friendly. It really is farm to table!"


-Pam Rhodes

"Our local community is very blessed to have the BetterTogether market. Buying organically grown, as well as supporting local farmers, is very important to me. The beautiful, delicious veggies I purchase from BetterTogether gives me peace of mind that I am serving my family healthy meals. The BetterTogether market far exceeds any other vegetable market I’ve ever been to. The vegetables are picked at the peak of perfection and the BetterTogether family are truly some of the most caring and wonderful people. And, if you’re needing a tasty recipe you can use the vegetables in, they can fix you up. 🥕🥒🍅"


-Patti Tuley


"Delicious, Fresh, Pesticide FREE Veggies. Every single purchase I am amazed at how wonderful BetterTogether Farm produce is. I have left town, come home to my veggies two weeks later and they are still good to eat- you can’t get that in a grocery store!!!"


-Tommie Grimes


"Every Wednesday I look forward to hearing from BetterTogether. Their online market ordering and payment procedure is so user friendly. Thursdays are a fun experience seeing Aubrey and Alan. Great customer service. My personalized veggie order is ready and I can even browse for more veggies from their display table. They love what they do and it shows. Their produce is amazing!"


-Bonnie Holdeman


"Having a regular supply of fresh, chemical free, organically grown produce from BetterTogether Farm is truly a valued luxury in our life. There is no comparison when looking at the usual options we have for food in today's industrialized society. The work, care, love and  knowledge that Aubrey and Alan have put into their farm shines through in the  quality of their produce. Keep growing."


-Dr. Bob Horanzy


"It is so wonderful to have access to fresh local veggies from our farm friends at BetterTogether. The quality and taste is beyond compare. It is obvious a lot of hard work and love goes into providing fresh nutritious vegetables for their family and ours."


-Gwen Elliott


“I look forward to buying my vegetables from BetterTogether Farm each week. The Seiler family are so friendly and you see your neighbors picking up their produce too. Buying from them gives me confidence that the beautiful vegetables I am consuming are healthy and chemical free. Buying from BetterTogether Farm not only supports my health, but supports the health of local soil and water. It also supports local business and giving back to the community where I live. It is a win! Win! Win! For everyone.”


-Michelle Sinkler


"BetterTogether Farm hands down has the best produce I’ve ever eaten, ever and I mean ever! 
They truly care about every little plant they grow. I don’t know how they do it. It’s family-owned, family-grown, and family-loved. You can taste it. Consistently fresh, consistently clean, consistently good. If the world had more food like BTF, I feel quite sure that we’d all be happier and healthier!"


-Kim Dakour


"BetterTogether Farm vegetables are the epitome of perfection! Their veggies are hand picked, washed and delivered at the peak of freshness. As a ‘FarmFriend’, I have unique access to the world’s BEST produce right here in Southern Oklahoma! 💚🍅🍆🥕🥦🐐😍"


-Sabrina Pitts


"BetterTogether Farm grows absolutely beautiful, picture-perfect veggies that are clean, fresh and delicious. Because the produce is delivered so quickly after picking, it stays fresh longer than what you could purchase in a grocery store. 


Alan and Aubrey are very knowledgeable and innovative! They are constantly researching new methods of growing, watering and using proper nutrients. They have eagerly shared their knowledge to local civic clubs. I find these talks so interesting!  My grandchildren love to go to their farm and learn about the food they eat. You will not be disappointed if you buy their veggies!"  


-Anna Lynn Lumpkin


"I love getting the freshest and cleanest produce from BetterTogether Farm! The cherry tomatoes and cucumbers make salads extra tasty."


-Jo Cross


"I so look forward every spring to the time when Aubrey and Alan start bringing their wonderful vegetables to town! Everything they grow is excellent! Always fresh and so well grit in their vegetables! Their lettuces are so tender and tasty and great for salads! I use a lot of the veggies for stir fry too! If you want quality for a great price, this is the place to buy your home grown veggies! BTW,  Aubrey and Alan are two of the nicest young people you will ever meet. Aubrey also gives us great recipes and recommendations of things to cook that I never thought of. You can’t go wrong here! I have been a customer since they first started and I will continue shopping at BetterTogether Farm!  Check out their Facebook page to see how hard the whole family works to bring Sulphur and Ardmore the best in vegetables."


-Susie Krogh


"I’ve been buying wonderful, fresh vegetables from BetterTogether for several years now. Not only enjoying fresh veggies, but enjoying a priceless friendship with Aubrey and Alan."


-Carolyn Owen


"I have been a blessed customer of BetterTogether Farm since its inception. I LOVE their products, I buy across the spectrum from beets and turnips to flowers and lettuce. EVERYTHING is delicious and I buy just about every week. All of the Seiler family are delightful and warm. Don’t miss it!"


-Debra Rison


"We are privileged to be able to get fresh, just-harvested, local produce from BetterTogether Farm. Dewy fresh and nutritious, and not to mention, bright, vivid colors, and richer, better flavor than what you get in the store!!  And since we like variety, it's appealing to get produce not easily available locally such as zephyr squash, gold beets, rutabagas, broccolini, and Panisse lettuce. We appreciate BetterTogether Farm, not only for their outstanding produce, and their passion for growing veggies in a way that's healthy for us and safe for the environment, but also for their friendly, personal customer service!


-Susan Jones

"Aside from the gorgeous colors and wonderful fragrances, the very best reason for buying this produce is the taste. It just doesn’t get any better." 

-Brad Jones

"The secret is out! I never dreamed we would have access to an organically grown farm in our small community. What a true blessing to be able to purchase delicious, chemical free food for our family. BetterTogether Farm has made the ordering and delivery so convenient, with a few clicks you are on your way to healthier eating.  


This family-owned business works hard every day to provide fresh food for our community. We love eating food that has been grown and nurtured the way nature intended."  


-The Colbert Family


"BetterTogether Farm has changed the way I eat. I’ve been a part of their farmer’s market from the beginning. It’s reassuring to know that this personable family cares about their customers as friends, while also caring about producing organically grown products of high quality and great taste. The vegetables are not only picture perfect, they are full of earthy goodness and flavor. The tomatoes are my favorite—they’re better than candy!"


-Cynthia Hines


"A few years ago I read an article about a farm north of Ardmore that raised vegetables and delivered to Ardmore weekly. I contacted them and I have enjoyed the freshest and most beautiful vegetables I have ever had. Aubrey and Alan, BetterTogether Farm, do a great job and are the nicest two people you will ever meet."


-Denise Holt